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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know inside the world of ADAPunks! If your question is not here, please contact us to help you as soon as possible.

What is ADAPunks?

We are a Cardano based NFT project for collectors to be the proud owners of them! Beside minting and trading your ADAPunks, by participating with us you’re also contributing to our Donation Fund. We are now Sold Out and the Donation Fund is now completed and donated!

How do I mint my own ADAPunk?

Minting is done! You can buy your ADAPunks on secondary markets only.

Can I mint a specific ADAPunk?

You can buy any specific ADAPunk only on secondary markets such as or

Is ADAPunks related to any other project?

No. We are not affiliated to any other project, nor in the Cardano blockchain or any other blockchain.

Got any questions left unanswered?

Please contact us in regards of any question/questions not displayed here! We are happy to help you and know your feedback on our project.

You can contact us through the following channels:

  • Via email to
  • Chat with us on the #help channel on our Discord.
  • Ask a question in our Telegram group. We will never DM you first, beware of scams..
  • Tweet us your question @adapunksdev