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By minting your ADAPunks, you’re contributing to a charity fund in ADA to help those in need and spread adoption.

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UNICEF estimates that Africa’s child population will reach 1 billion by 2055, making it the largest among all continents. Population keeps growing at an accelerated rate, and more people are living in poverty.
For this reason, Save The Children launched Kumwe Hub, an African-based Impact Innovation pilot in its Rwanda Office. It aims to change structural problems in Africa to ensure every child has protection, education and health. They created an impact program named Kumwe Hub, that has the mission to collaborate with the private sector, in order to benefit from its innovation and technologies to achieve a better development in the communities.
In ADAPunks, we’ve committed to donate 10% of the minting revenue to Kumwe Hub, every 10% of the minting process with proof of donation on our Official channels, to provide financial help to support children in the most impactful ways possible.

Thank you for supporting this cause!


In June 2017, a few Crypto enthusiasts saw the launch of 10,000 unique images, in a 8-bit-style, under the name of CryptoPunks. Back then, nobody had the slightest idea of the importance that this project would have, how the collection would change the ownership mean in the digital age, and how it would revolutionize the global market. CryptoPunks were free to claim, and you only needed to pay the gas fees in Ethereum to be the owner of one. Clearly, a lot has changed in these 4 years, and now the CryptoPunks are being sold for millions of dollars. The collection was originally created in the Ethereum blockchain, however, due to the high demand of the people willing to own a Punk, the collection has been incorporated to other blockchains, where they have been complete success.
In ADAPunksDev, we took the mission of bringing the classic 10,000 collection of Punks to one of the most important blockchains: Cardano. We are committed to give the Cardano community the chance to own their own Punk. To ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to get a rare ADAPunk, the purchase will be made on a random basis, so buyers will only be able to see their ADAPunk on their wallet (Nami/Yoroi/Daedalus) after purchasing it. We decided to give an altruistic purpose to our project, therefore we’re donating 10% of revenue to Kumwe Hub, so every sale represents a help for children in Africa. There is no Punks limit per wallet, so you can buy as many as you want, but once the 10,000 are minted it’ll be too late to get one at mint cost.

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